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Ladies and Gentleman:

Seeing as how we've added eight new members to the list within the past week,
I thought I'd send out a bit of an update to clear up some questions.

1.  Please send any requests of the list operators at mint-request, not 
just me.  There's two of us at mint-request, and chances are I'll painfully busy
as finals approach in the coming weeks.

2.  Please don't mail out "optional" binaries and source releases
to everyone.  By optional, I mean things other than source for MiNT
itself, library updates,  or patches you found to MiNT or the libs.
Instead, either copies to your file to people who request
it or give it to me and I'll make it available on a.a (seeing as how
there aren't any ftp restrictions on some of the service machines now).
I don't mean to be restrictive, but I would like to keep mail queues short
here, so that this service can continue.

Other than that, enjoy.