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Emacs, TOSWIN and \r (Carriage Return) characters

Usually I boot up MiNT and TOSWIN.ACC, with TOSWIN configured to load
GNU Emacs in one window and TCSH into the other. This all works very
fine, nearly as the real thing.

Now, I problem is with the subprocesses, which are started from an Emacs
in a TOSWIN window. They all output ^M character into the buffer,
into which the respective command output goes. If I start Emacs from
the shell (TCSH) everything is fine (no CR4s in in the process

I haven4t yet figured out the difference between Emacs in TOSWIN and
Emacs from TCSH. UNIXMODE is set from the mint.cnf file to 'd/rG'. I
have fiddled with stty, but without success.

Perhaps I didn't look hard enough, but has anybody else an idea??

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