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Minix fsck ....

>I'm a little confused here. I presume no mention has been made re my version
>of minix filesys fsck. I'll repost it when I can dig it up. It seems to do
>a superset what Erlings version does though perhaps it is a bit buggier at
>present. Did my request to put this beta version on atari.archive ever reach
>here, or indeed the two versions I sent out ? 

I got them, for sure...haven't tried it yet.  As a matter of fact, I
only just last night got off my lazy arse and installed a minix file
system (yes, I've been slinking along on 8.3 all this time)

I've got 3 things to say about minixfs:  :-) :-) :-)

Speaking of alternate file systems, I was on the phone with Bob
Luneski the other day, trying to figure out why my hard disk was going
west and why Diamond Edge wasn't fixing it, and we got sidetracked and
started talking about other things he's working on.  He says he's
working on a a Mac HFS file system for MiNT.  Groovy....  I didn't
think at the time to ask if he'd be releasing it freeware or what...
Keep in mind that this was an informal conversation so this officially
has "rumor" status.