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Minix fsck ....

I'm a little confused here. I presume no mention has been made re my version
of minix filesys fsck. I'll repost it when I can dig it up. It seems to do
a superset what Erlings version does though perhaps it is a bit buggier at
present. Did my request to put this beta version on atari.archive ever reach
here, or indeed the two versions I sent out ? 
	In case someone has missed my version it basically does most of
what BSD fsck does, including true multiple block allocation fixing and
relinking of orphaned inodes; though the code is a complete rewrite. 
	Sorry about my delay in getting minixfs 0.60 out ... I assure you
it will be released ...eventually. Unfortunately I've got too many other
things to do at present so I'm slower than I would like :-)