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New (currently read only) email address

Please change my mail address on the list to shenson@nyx.cs.du.edu and send
any personal mail there; my old address forwards to there now anyway. However
I have to mail out from my old address which is tortuous at best so although
I'd like to reply, often the ***** machine wont let me. Things should improve
if/when I get registered on nyx and I can return to semi-normality.
	Couple of quick questions while this machine allows me :-)

	Does anyone know the format of *ICD* driver software pun_info structure,
it isn't the same as AHDI.

	In case someone (Eric?) collects old versions of MiNT ... when did the
filesystem initialisation code (the bit that Dlocks all drives after loading
an installable fs) first appear? I want to add some stuff to avoid minixfs 
disk recognition problems with older versions of MiNT.