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lame lame lame!

puts("Hello world!\n");

You all have my apologies...the machine I dial into at Columbia
University, was a really losing Masscomp.  It lost its mind, and
wasn't able to talk to ANYTHING on the net as a whole, after being
moved to a different subnet.

We replaced it with a functional Sun 2, but then I became really
lethargic for a few weeks.  I guess i'm out of phase with my hardware;
when it works, I don't.  Sigh.

I'm back, I have waded through my 180 mail messages here at
terminator, and with any luck I will start applying the 50 or so
accumulated patches since I last touched the mintlibs approximately 2
months ago, RSN.

I'm not dead, I haven't tossed my ST out the window, and I estimate 2
weeks for the next release.  Please bear with me in this time of