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mint libs PL31 almost ready

Hi all,

I got pretty much caught up over the weekend.  Just a few more patches
to apply, and I'll be sending it out.

It will be a full distribution (no diffs) since there was a large
number of changes.  Should I post it here or just make it available
for FTP?

Bammi:  would it cause you much grief if I did not send you
synchronization patches for this version?  I don't have a recent TOS
lib to diff it against, and I'd probably end up with a twisted mess if
I tried to do it any other way.

pvt1-117@nada.kth.se:  I've applied most of your patches except the
one called "protos.zoo".  I don't really know what that's for; if you
want to ensure all library functions have prototypes they really
belong in either appropriate header files from the includes directory
(support.h if no other file is appropriate) or in lib.h in the sources
directory -- not spread across the whole source distribution.  Also,
all patches you have sent me so far have been reversed; please use
"diff <old> <new>" instead of "diff <new> <old>" to produce your
patches.  Also, would you like to be listed as the Lattice C
maintainer (since you seem to be the only person sending me patches
for Lattice C anyway?)