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minix V2 partitions

Hi all!

Has anyone successfully 'minited' a large partition? I'm close to give up.
I've got a 512meg Fujitsu HD on my TT, running MiNT 1.04. The HD is formatted
and partitioned using HDX 5.0, my driver is AHDI 6.02. (Older ones down to
6.0 didn't work, either) My partition scheme is 80-180-32-32-180. The minit.prg
works fine on partions 3 and 4, but I can't get it to work on any other
partition (minit.prg from mfs60pl4). When I say 'minit -V -n 2 g:', it tells
me: 'physical read error sector 0', or something like that. Anyone any ideas?
Steve? - Is it my driver, or what? I thought the docs read that large 
partitions are now possible without caring about sector sizes, minit and
minix.xfs would do themsaelves?

I'd really love to have my large partitions being minix ones...

Cheers, Joe