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Re: Compiling 1.07 with GCC

>While compiling MiNT v1.07 with GCC 2.4.2 and MiNTLib PL32 I ran
>across this problem:
>xbios.c: in function 'dosound'
>    278: warning, passing arg 1 of 'addr2region' makes integer
>              from pointer without a cast
>Will this warning in any way cripple the resulting executable?

1.06 works fine and that has the same warning. I'm not entirely sure what
dosound actually does.

By the way, I wouldn't trust GCC 2.4.anything yet, from what I've seen in
gnu.gcc.bugs the release is nowhere near as stable as GCC 2.3.x. I know that
2.4.2 had some major code generation bugs for the m68k though, especially if
you used the optimiser. GCC is currently at 2.4.5 by the way, and may very
soon go up to 2.4.6 as there are still a great deal of problems.

>Also, what on earth has happened to MiNT between v1.04 and v1.06?
>Neither Ydisk nor the other (French) .XFS-RAMdisk works any more. :-(
>They (or MiNT I suppose) both return ".: unknown device" whenever
>I try to access them. Any hints?

Hmm.. I had this problem with Minixfs 6.0.4 until I fixed
/usr/include/types.h just whilst I compiled minixfs. It seems that nlink_t
might have changed size from short to unsigned char, see my earlier message.

I don't know if MiNT has changed though.

>Daniel Eriksson  (den@hgs.se)


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