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Compiling 1.07 with GCC

While compiling MiNT v1.07 with GCC 2.4.2 and MiNTLib PL32 I ran
across this problem:

xbios.c: in function 'dosound'
    278: warning, passing arg 1 of 'addr2region' makes integer
              from pointer without a cast

Will this warning in any way cripple the resulting executable?

Also, what on earth has happened to MiNT between v1.04 and v1.06?
Neither Ydisk nor the other (French) .XFS-RAMdisk works any more. :-(
They (or MiNT I suppose) both return ".: unknown device" whenever
I try to access them. Any hints?

Daniel Eriksson  (den@hgs.se)