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Bugs in the mntlib32 Bugs file.

>Here's some comments on the mntlib32 Bugs file. I've been meaning to send a
>message such as this for a long time, well I've finally got around to it!
>>utmp.c: ++boender
>>  The utmp structure as defined differs from the System V structure.
>>  Now, I don't know what BSD does, but I'll look it up.
>This IS the BSD structure, it's source code compatable. The wtmp file is
>able to be correctly interpreted by the Sun last(1) command.

The "bug" here is that the utmp structure doesn't contain some fields
that System V does, *because* it is the exact BSD utmp struct.  Hildo
Biersma wanted to implement some System V routines for compatibility
and discovered that an implementation of those functions would require
changes to the utmp structure.

>>  Do you know what POSIX says about the utmp structure?
>I doubt it says much, if anything about it.

The question is more accurately stated as "Does POSIX require any
functions which cannot be implemented with the current utmp
structure?"  I haven't looked into this yet, as I only very recently
got my O'Reilly & Assoc. POSIX book...(Anyone have a copy of the
actual IEEE POSIX spec they want to donate to a worthy cause? :-)

>>  Also, the System V getutent, getutid, etc. calls are missing from
>>  the mintlibs, but they are so dependent on fields in the utmp
>>  structure that are missing in the mintlibs that they cannot be
>>  written without changing the utmp structure.
>Well... probably this is because BSD doesn't need all this extra info.

...but an implementation of these functions for compatibility would
need the extra info (I'm taking Hildo's word for it here, I don't even
know what those functions do.)  I'd like to eventually see the MiNT
library be able to compile code written for BSD, System V, or POSIX
without much need for atari-specific kludges.  So any necessary
changes in the utmp structure probably will be put into place at some
point, but this will probably require some coordination with you (and
anyone else who has written code that accesses the utmp/wtmp files.)

>This is what SunOS 4.1 says about ttyslot(3V)...
>TTYSLOT(3V)            C LIBRARY FUNCTIONS            TTYSLOT(3V)
>     ttyslot - find the slot in the utmp file of the current pro-
>     cess

If you wanted to implement ttyslot() for the libs, it would be