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Fast serial (was: misc kernel patches... (mostly tty stuff))

> and i still think that MiNT needs better ways to do fast RAW serial IO,
>access modem control lines and speeds >19200, change Iorec buffer sizes,
>etc.. but i'll repeat that only if you want it. :-)

I agree...But I think most of this can be done with a standalone modem
driver as opposed to being in the kernel.  I've been thinking recently
that most of my TOS 1.0 hacks in MiNT's rsconf() code should really be
in a standalone device driver as well (especially since that code
still doesn't work terribly well.)  I plan to start working on this at
some point, but we already know how little free time I have... I had
written a kernel patch to let FIONREAD give better answers than 0 or 1
for the modem port...but I don't think Eric ever released this (which
is probably a Good Thing).

In one of my conversations about the serial port with someone (I think
it was someone on this list) I was told that there was already a
driver along these lines that was mostly completed, but I haven't
heard anything about it since then.

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