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mint, disk changes...

hmm.  i mean hello :)

 i was just looking for some files when i began to wonder why ls keeps
printing the same date+time for different directories on different
floppies that just have the same name...  i saw similar things before
but this time i was _sure_ the disks weren't formatted on a peecee and
all have the same `serial number' that makes atari BIOS miss disk
changes.  well..after some looking around i finally set a breakpoint
on tos_dskchng and, you guessed it, it never got called. :-(
or it only gets called when i always do `df /a' as first command after
inserting a floppy... (or use the desktop :-/ )

 now having looked around more, i think the only way to fix this would
be to have tosfs either _always_ check with mediach first before
starting with disk accessing GEMDOS calls, or maybe better (atleast
could be faster) hook into Rwabs' vector and look for E_CHNG and
then mark some flag to be processed after the GEMDOS call returns.
(because GEMDOS itself usually doesn't tell that it just handled a disk
change)  or maybe even better, just look for when GEMDOS calls Getbpb?


PS: oh this GEMDOS, nothing but trouble... :-)
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