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termios, /dev/aux

Hi all,

yesterday I played around with ZModem source code (version 3.23 from
5-03-93). I've started a termios header files and the support functions
(mostly dummies for now).

HOWEVER: sz tries to open /dev/tty. Question #1: I would say that for us,
this should be /dev/aux, ok? open() calls unx2dos, which translates that
to AUX:. Then, it tries a call to Fattrib(), which of course fails.
-> I can't open() "AUX:". I guess that this is a bug :-)

Question #2: I didn't have time to look into the kernel, but /dev/aux
seems to be an alias for the first serial port, not for the currently
Bconmapped port. Right? Is this a bug or do I have to rename my devices
in mint.cnf?

Regards, Julian

Julian F. Reschke, Hensenstr. 142, D-48161 Muenster
 eMail: reschke@math.uni-muenster.de jr@ms.maus.de