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Re: termios, /dev/aux

Julian Reschke writes:

> > > So the question still is: why can't I open() `AUX:' when MiNT is not present?
> > 
> >  well i don't think you could run a zmodem over GEMDOS AUX: anyway,
> > i haven't yet seen a TOS version where the GEMDOS tty stuff isn't
> > hopelessly broken. (first problem: how would you put it in RAW mode? :-)
> > 
> >  use MiNT and forget TOS...
> Juergen, you'll have to admit that this comment wan't helpful at all. The
> MiNT library is *designed* to work without MiNT, too. And waht applies to
> AUX: will be true for CON: and PRN:, too.

 sorry...  what i was trying to say is the GEMDOS tty stuff just isn't,
well, good enough to be of much use really.  maybe the lib should try to
`emulate' and hack around all the TOS problems somehow, okay (i just
looked at what the gnulib does for ttys... libsrc87.zoo) but currently
it doesn't and i can understand why.

 i think the MiNT library is designed to work without MiNT, but not to
fix everything thats broken without MiNT...

 ok?  cheers,
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