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Re: termios, /dev/aux

> Julian Reschke writes:
> > > > So the question still is: why can't I open() `AUX:' when MiNT is not present?
> > > 
> > >  well i don't think you could run a zmodem over GEMDOS AUX: anyway,
> > > i haven't yet seen a TOS version where the GEMDOS tty stuff isn't
> > > hopelessly broken. (first problem: how would you put it in RAW mode? :-)
> > > 
> > >  use MiNT and forget TOS...
> > 
> > Juergen, you'll have to admit that this comment wan't helpful at all. The
> > MiNT library is *designed* to work without MiNT, too. And waht applies to
> > AUX: will be true for CON: and PRN:, too.
>  sorry...  what i was trying to say is the GEMDOS tty stuff just isn't,
> well, good enough to be of much use really.  maybe the lib should try to
> `emulate' and hack around all the TOS problems somehow, okay (i just
> looked at what the gnulib does for ttys... libsrc87.zoo) but currently
> it doesn't and i can understand why.
>  i think the MiNT library is designed to work without MiNT, but not to
> fix everything thats broken without MiNT...
>  ok?  cheers,
> 	Juergen
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Sorry Juergen, but you are still missing the point. It MUST be possible to
open AUX:, CON: and PRN: with the MiNT library without having MiNT running.
I can live with AUX: not being useful without MiNT, but it must be at least
possible to open() the channel.

Note that this is not question of fixing broken parts of TOS, but of fixing
obviously broken parts in open().

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