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elvis 1.7 on wowbagger & uni-paderborn


 i just want to tell you i have put my version of elvis 1.7 on
wowbagger.pc-labor.uni-bremen.de [] and
ftp.uni-paderborn.de (sorry don't know ip address now).  as usual
atari.archive didn't let me in, if any of you get it and has more
luck, i have no objection if he puts it there. :)

 (or... is there some better way to upload something to a.a?  i even
found a site that has afs-`mounted' a.a but thats apparently readonly.)

 oh and do read the README.ST :-)

J"urgen Lock / nox@jelal.north.de / UUCP: ..!uunet!unido!uniol!jelal!nox
								...ohne Gewehr
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