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Re: virtual consoles...

sjg@phlem.ph.kcl.ac.uk writes:

> I've just tried to compile your virtual console stuff with gcc2.4.5
> and the patchlevel36 libs/includes. I get *billions* of error
> messages - I'll send the make report to you after this. 

 make a link to MiNTs file.h in your sourcedir.  or make the #if 1
read #if 0 in vcon.h to try filesys.h (could be you need a recent one).
sorry i forgot to say this...
> I can't see where to get O_TTY from... my MiNT includes don't have
> it, my DECstation doesn't, and neither does the SPARCstation next
> to me :-(

 because its MiNT kernel stuff...  and the compiler doesn't get
`file not found' because there is another file.h in /usr/include...
sorry :(

 all the best..
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