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Re: Those dreaded ^M

>>>>> Christian Lynbech writes:

|> I'm getting increasingly annoyed with the fact that MiNT keeps
|> putting ^M into my files. It is ok that distributions such as MiNT
|> itself is in the standard atari format, [...]

It's not MiNT that puts in these ^M but the (GNU/MiNT) library. You
should include 'b' in the UNIXMODE environment variable. Then the
library implicitly assumes all fopen()'s are in binary mode unless
explicitly overridden. It's easiest to put a line like this in

setenv UNIXMODE /brU

This means:
- / is converted to \ in filenames
- fopen()'s are binary by default
- the root device is U:, e.g /etc/termcap is converted to

Btw. the standard atari format *is* CRLF.

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