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Re: Update-daemon for all FSes

>consider yourself being greeted ;-)
I humbly greet you!

> Point is that minixfs update knows which drives to do. If you don't and
>call Dcntl() on any drive existing, you'll end up starting the floppy each
>time probably. That`s where I ended up when making an external `sync'
>program for minixfs, and will probably disturb you, as it disturbed me,
>I can tell you...

But, heck, why do an external sync that way? I mean, I did it by sending
minix fs's update demon an ALERT signal... that worked pretty well for me.
I actually posted the five lines of code here, I think.

On the other hand, a global update process would be nice, once that more
advanced fs like minix fs are around. Maybe there should be a list, in which
each filesystem could enter the drives on which a dcntl for updating makes
sense. Some cookie maybe?!?

> So you might consider an option to map out some drives which are likely
>not to be minix ones. Or something like this.
> Better: Make minixfs use the cache mode in a `per drive' way and assume
>that floppies won't use the TURBO mode. You might think of other reasons
>why this might be a good idea... Stephen??????? :-)
>so long,
>PS: If the above written looks weird, then that's probably because it _IS_.
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