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Re: Update-daemon for all FSes

Hi again,

>  Point is that minixfs update knows which drives to do. If you don't and
> call Dcntl() on any drive existing, you'll end up starting the floppy each
> time probably. That`s where I ended up when making an external `sync'
> program for minixfs, and will probably disturb you, as it disturbed me,
> I can tell you...
>  So you might consider an option to map out some drives which are likely
> not to be minix ones. Or something like this.
>  Better: Make minixfs use the cache mode in a `per drive' way and assume
> that floppies won't use the TURBO mode. You might think of other reasons
> why this might be a good idea... Stephen??????? :-)
Well, I thought of using the update daemon to do some periodic cleanups
in the caches of my nfs (coming soon to a computer near you).
The minix fs would have to be changed to do a sync only on those drives
it currently uses, i.e. move the checks from update to the fscntl()
function; then the floppy problem should be gone.

Even an automounter could then use it to flush its caches, so it would
not need to be a daemon.

BTW: is there a way to have a global timeout to call a certain function
like the normal timeouts in MiNT, but no associated with a certain process
which could be killed in the mean time?


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