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Re: Update-daemon for all FSes

consider yourself being greeted ;-)

> I am just thinking about having an update daemon like that for the minix
> file system that does an update for all filesystems. As far as I know
> does the minix fs one use an dcntl for the each drive the minix fs
> controls. The idea is that it could go through all the entries in u:\
> that are not symbolic links and use that Dcntl() on them. That way there
> would be only one update daemon is the system. And as far as I know is
> there up to now no other use of that specific Dcntl() opcode, so there
> are no incompatibilities.

 Point is that minixfs update knows which drives to do. If you don't and
call Dcntl() on any drive existing, you'll end up starting the floppy each
time probably. That`s where I ended up when making an external `sync'
program for minixfs, and will probably disturb you, as it disturbed me,
I can tell you...

 So you might consider an option to map out some drives which are likely
not to be minix ones. Or something like this.

 Better: Make minixfs use the cache mode in a `per drive' way and assume
that floppies won't use the TURBO mode. You might think of other reasons
why this might be a good idea... Stephen??????? :-)

so long,
PS: If the above written looks weird, then that's probably because it _IS_.
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