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Re: nlist() and MiNT itself.

>hmm am i the only one left here? ;)

Well.. I'm still here, at least until the end of the week.

>Stephen Usher writes:
>> It would be nice if we could use nlist() to look into the kernel though, it
>> should help to get a proper ps etc. working.
>> It's facinating what you find when you read /proc/MiNT.000.. it's a pity
>> it's not MiNT itself!
> well its more or less /dev/mem...  i guess this is because currently all
>processes and the kernel are still always running in one address space.
>would ioctl PROCADDR (address of proc struct) help?


> cheers
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Maybe it would be a good idea for the next release of MiNT, making
/proc/MiNT.000 be JUST the kernel address area. I'm sure it wouldn't be too
difficult.. I'll look into it, sometime.. when I've finished playing Elite
II on my TT :-)


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