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Memory problems

Is anyone else having the same problems with memory that I get running the
init suite of programs? 

When I run tcsh as the 'init' program from mint.cnf, I have something like 
3.6Mb left over to play with. Not bad from the 4Mb it started from. The
problems come when I try the multi-user approach. When I log in having started:

	o init (and therefore update)
	o virtual consoles (4 of them - 4 getty's)
	o syslog
	o cron
	o lpd
and 1 tcsh on (say) vt01, I have 1.6Mb free(!!!). The memory usages of the 
programs (as given by ps) come to around 1.2Mb. That ought to give me over
2.5Mb to play with. 

Another thing is that when I run a tcsh on another terminal, and type 'mem'
the memory available has gone down (surprise :-), but when I press CTRL-D to
logout, and look at the memory available from the first terminal, it stays at
or about the level it was when 2 were running. Eventually I run out of memory.

Presumably the memory used has not been reclaimed somewhere along the line, or
the free-memory management isn't working properly. Any fixes/ideas welocme :-)


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