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special processes

>   I do think that pid 001 should not be "killable" from the desktop, and 
> if it does die, the system should reboot.  Also, all those errors that say
> to adjust the debug level and hit a key always lock up my machine - I'd
> rather have it reboot (cold boot) at that time and restart.  I would also
> like to reboot every time MiNt exits.  Perhaps an option in MiNT.CNF could
> control weither to use the normal errors, or to just reboot?  That would
> be an ideal option for plain MultiTOS users.

I prefer the definition of a 'special process' as one with a ppid of 0. In 
words, basically anything started within the mint.cnf file. This way you can 
run programs (using exec) to your hearts content within the .cnf file but
as soon as you call (for example) init, the ppid's will be init's pid therefore
it's ok to kill 'em. 

>   On a totally unrelated issue, I think the fork should be non-blocking,
> using the slow memory copy method used in MINIX (only so that the call
> accomplishes the same on an 030 for a consistent interface), but use the 
> MMU on the 030.

Agreed. I'd have a go, but I don't have a Falcon...

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