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Misc other stuff.

>Michael Smith <miff@apanix.apana.org.au> writes:
>|> sed (built 2.03, doesn't appear to work properly - may need more stack)
>Yes, the GNU regex package needs atleast 20k of stack.

Hmm, any way to tell how much stack a program currently has?
And for that matter, what are the options to toglclr?
And how do I get sharable programs to share? (the new bash, for
instance, doesnt seem to (8 copies and I'm out of memory 8( )

>|> # on host `(hostname || uname -n) 2>/dev/null |sed 1q `:
>This is strange.  I never had problems executing this line with my
>version of bash, but then it have both hostname and uname lying around
>(hostname is just uname -n).  But even when hostname is missing it
>still doesn't hang.  Btw, on my machine (2/16 TT), configure only
>takes about 20 minutes, IIRC.

I am fairly certain it's a memory problem - I'm saving for extra memory, 
and I'm praying that I can hack my 4M TTram board to do 16 - if the 
schematics can be trusted, the controllers are the same, there's just a
little track-butchery to do.

>|> in the unix/ directory, edit the file isfork.c and include in it the
>|> fragment of serial.c that defines EAGAIN (I take it MiNT never 
>|> returns EAGAIN?) or do it by hand if you're not interested in 
>|> portability 8)
>I think EAGAIN can be defined to be ENOMEM, which is the best
>approximation (Hey, i haven't enough memory to execute you, try again

That's what the fragment in serial.c defines it as, from memory.

I'm actually having problems uncompressing the received newsbatches - 
gzip (1.2.4) complains that they're corrupt, however the (large) mails
I've received were fine.  Did you build using stdio or low-level? 
Would "rb"/"wb" be needed for any of the file operations, or does the
library default to binary mode?



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