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In the next mail, I'll send a few patches that make PureC happy again. 
Michael, could you please add them to your patch set?

I noticed that some parts of the new code neither have prototypes nor 
comments or documentation. I guess that nobody's using non-ANSI-C anyway, 
so we really could start to switch to new style prototypes... Besides, I 
think that everybody who starts functional changes or additions to the 
MiNT API really *has* to change/add an appropriate manual page. It's 
simply not enough to specify an OS function by telling people 'take a look 
at the MiNT or MiNT library source'.

Therefore -- Eric -- would it be possible to (again) add the manual pages 
to the normal source distribution? I don't think that those small changes 
made since you're @atari are a problem. Even if this would be the case, we 
could easily restart with the manuals of MiNT 0.95 (seems to be the last 
public release...). Anyway, I have manuals for Dreaddir (changed) and 

So, either (a) Eric sends his current set of manual pages, or (b) we 
restart with mntman95.zoo. In both cases, we'll need someone to collect 
the diffs. I'm willing to do that, but I'll be on vacation from the end of 
next week (for ~10 days). Perhaps, we could `even' make manuals for things 
like Pexec()... :-)

Regards, Julian

Julian F. Reschke, Hensenstr. 142, D-48161 Muenster
 eMail: reschke@math.uni-muenster.de jr@ms.maus.de