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Re: screen 3.5.2

> Fine, but where are the diffs? All I found was a precompiled binary
> and a preformatted manualpage. Hey, we are not Linux! We *do* know how
> to type make!

Ok, I figured out how diff works (wasn't that difficult) and now have the
I thought preformatted manpages are preferred above non-preformatted ones. I could be wrong here.
I also got the screenlocking feature of screen to work.
As soon as a.a.u.e. works again I'll put a new release on it.

> BTW: Is it possible to #ifdef your hacks for the non-detachable
> screen?

I'm almost sure you don't want a detachable screen.
The primary use of detaching is logging out without killing your foreground
processes, and most of us just turn off their Atari after logging out.

Moreover the detachable screen consumes more than twice as much of your
Atari's precious memory, since two separate processes have to run
As to your #ifdef suggestion, this would enforce me to have separate
#ifdef's for the server and the client process.
I followed this approach in my first port, but removed them when I got
the idea of disabling the attaching feature.
By the way, you would also have to implement Mint-style fifo's or make
screen use Kay Roemer's socket extension, which would take up even more
memory for those not running it by default.

I now have #ifdef's for the server process without all references to the
client process.
So it's not a matter of #ifdef-ing my hacks, but a matter of adding a lot more