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MiNT 1.11 BETA

In the next 16 messages I'm sending along the source code for MiNT 1.11 BETA.
This is a complete distribution, not diffs; the reason is that I want
to make sure we're all synch'd and using the same code, but I don't
want to put anything up for FTP yet.

MiNT 1.11 looks quite a lot like 1.10h9 with a few extra bug fixes and
a few omissions. I'd appreciate it if you'd all bang on it and check
for compatibility problems (particularly with the networking software)
and bugs.

The new copying conditions are given in the "copying" file. Basically
they mean you can do anything you want with sources or binaries, as
long as you agree to let anyone you give it to redistribute it
further. In particular, you can give MiNT 1.11 binaries to whomever
you choose. I will request that you *not* put the BETA up for
anonymous FTP. Assuming that no major bugs are discovered, we can
release a "final" version of 1.11 later this week or early next

I'd like to thank everyone for their contributions. I'm sorry for the
delay in getting this out.

(MiNT 1.11 BETA follows in mintsrc.ua[a-p]).
Eric R. Smith	ersmith@netcom.com