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Re: MiNTOS Release 1.4 now available.

>>I've been hoping for libusers' routines to be incorporated into the
>>MiNTlibs, if you read the MiNTOS docs it suggests such a move. If you're
>>integrating them into the MiNTlibs please take a look at the versions in
>>MiNTOS 1.4 as not only are there more of them, some have been debugged.
>That would be ideal, but you have copying and distribution
>restrictions on your files.  If you're willing to make them public
>domain, I'd be happy to integrate them into the MiNTlibs.

Hmm.. What if I change the conditions to just that the header in the files
has to be kept, ie. that the files are copyright but freely distributable?

>>By the way, on the problem with tcsh and MiNTlibs, not only compiling tcsh
>>with recent MiNTlibs gives the stopped message when using pipes, so does
>>compiling ANY shell. I've no time to trace this at the moment as I'm back at
>>work and have a few things from MiNTOS 1.4 to look into (MiNTOS 1.4.1 may be
>>out soon).
>Fascinating...I haven't experienced this with Bash at all.  I'll give
>tcsh a try and see if I can track it down.

I had a try last night, it may actually be due to a problem with ioctl(), it
looks as though the process group isn't being set properly, tcsh and ash
both use ioctl calls rather than using the setpgrp() call.

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