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INIT.TTP....write tmp errors.

I have tried starting up INIT.TTP and it goes into an endless loop of
reporting PATHS not found.  I have no idea which RC files I need to look
into is there some sort of documentation on INIT.TTP?

If I hit ctrl-c (once) it cancels all running processes except for GEM and Mint.

Also, How does one use the MOUNT command.  I find the documentation
confusing to say the least.  (The version that comes with the latest ver. of
Minix.)  It always either returns a code of -1, or does nothing at all.

(In order to get the HD space needed, I have to split between three
partitions, as I don't have a HD driver that works well with Mint with
larger partitions...(i.e.>15 Megs))  I've tried AHDI, and NOAHDI, and am
having to stick with Supra Utilities.

ANy help is greatly appreciated.