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Symbolic links with MinixFS

Hi all!

I've problems with the ln command: in past I used 
	ln -s .. ..
to make Symbolic links. It worked quite good. Then I change the UNIXMODE
variable to /brUs/. And now I can do  
	ln -s .. ..
but it look's like a hard-link (without a second link entry in the ls -l
list!). What can I do???

Thanks in advance. Ciao, Arnt

p.s. My Konfiguration:
Hardware: ST 4MB, HD 40MB
System:   TOS 1.04, AHDI5
Autoprg:  vdi_fix, cons_fix, tos14f2, NVDI 2.5, Mint..., MinixFS v60p10, mfsfm
Software: MultiTeX, Toswin, bash and jove, Connect

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