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Re: gcc-2.6.3

>>>>> "Waldi" == Waldi Ravens <waldi@moacs.indiv.nl.net> writes:

> "troy (t.) carpenter" <troyc@bnr.ca> wrote:
>> I know I don't use Lattice C.  And I don't care if it avoids
>> Atari's standard set, if Atari even has a "standard set" for MiNT
>> configurations, as long as it simplifies configuration and things
>> compile.
>> I agree with Christian Lynbech's suggestion about putting things in /usr/gnu.

Waldi> Off course you're free to put anything wherever you want it to
Waldi> be, but /usr/gnu doesn't seem like a nice place. It's very
Waldi> different from the rest of the world. I believe it might be
Waldi> easier to follow the mainstream, and use
Waldi> /usr/libexec/OSTYPE/VERSION/.

Except that compilation implies quite a lot of searching, so you will
need either to follow the layout compiled into GCC or to keep
everything in standard places such as /usr/lib (ok, we also have the
GNULIB variable).

I would like to promote letting GCC's configure script decide on the
internal organization of the GCC directory, i.e. to select a single
prefix, and let configure do its thing from that. Note that we are not
just talking about binaries, but also libraries and (possibly) include
files, perhaps the nbinary utilities and support for GNU's own
version/architecture separation scheme.

I have always liked the idea of being able to identify the
installation of a particular program with a single node in the
directory tree and distributing binaries and libraries and include
files all over the place does not really fit into that.

/usr/gnu is just one suggestion, others are possible, the main idea is
that it should be different from standard directories such as /usr/lib
or /usr/local/lib.

Anyway, I am not so sure that there is any such thing as a mainstream
GCC installation.

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