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Re: Name lookup timeouts

>I had a similar problem to this (not the same one) recently. I had been
>continuously connected and running for about 4 days. gethostbyname() began
>to fail on the remote names after a while, and then began to fail on local
>names sometime the following day. 'nslookup' had no trouble getting either
>local or remote names. Eventually, I cut the connection and rebooted.
>Problem solved.

As you say, similar but not the same.  In particular:

- I never hold a connection longer than a few hours [I don't think Duke
  Telcom would take kindly to me effectively appropriating one of their
  modems. ;) ]

- nslookup fails for me with the same "pattern".

Which is not to say that my problem isn't related to yours; just
providing more information.