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Re: Name lookup timeouts

> The problem seems to have to do with whether the local nameserver has to
> recursively query a higher-level nameserver; local names seem to always
> succeed, and remote names sometimes succeed, but will sometimes fail the
> very next time, depending on (I speculate) whether that name happens to
> be in the local nameserver's cache.
> This problem effects every program that does any name lookup --- ftp,
> telnet, chimera, you name it.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Am I
> doing something wrong?

I had a similar problem to this (not the same one) recently. I had been
continuously connected and running for about 4 days. gethostbyname() began
to fail on the remote names after a while, and then began to fail on local
names sometime the following day. 'nslookup' had no trouble getting either
local or remote names. Eventually, I cut the connection and rebooted.
Problem solved.

I've been running a continuous session since friday, and hope to remain running
to see if I can reproduce this. Then I can start guessing about whose fault it
is, either gethostbyname() or the name daemon on my ISP.