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Re: MiNT-net... another stupid question

> Ok, so I finish porting CERN's libwww and the httpd server on Sunday
> morning, so I reboot my MiNT system with networking on (hey, on a wussie
> 4M ST, you need to do these things to be able to program)...
> The server works!  That's right kids, you could run a Web server on your
> Atari ST!  I ran out of RAM real quick running lynx and httpd on the
> same system, but I was able to convince myself that it worked OK.  It
> was pretty slow though...
> Anyway, this all worked as root.  As a normal user, ping localhost
> wouldn't even work!  In fact, ping told me "socket: access denied!". 
> lynx http://localhost/ told me that it couldn't find the host, despite
> being in my hosts file.
> Am I doing something silly here, or is this a known problem?

Well, for ping, I have it owned by root, and chmod 4711, so it has the
requisite permissions. For whatever reason, my /etc/hosts file is never
accessed once I have a default route set up, so 'ping localhost' doesn't work
for me, but ping does.

For the same reason, I have to 'lynx' or use my systems
named address 'lynx http://thelbane/' to access the local stuff, via tcp.