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Recompiling MiNT - undefined symbols

  On my way to discover what is causing the "mint without -DMULTITOS blocks
AES 4.1/16 colors on Falcons" bug I have been balked by my inability to 
compile a working mint. So far I have tried:
  - compiling MinT with Pure C 1.1, both from the graphic shell and using 
J. Rechke's makefile and CC tool. The result is a mint that freezes when it 
loads AES and displays "i" in the menu line - it never loads anything else.

  - compiling with Latice C 5.6, using the supplied makefile and lattice's make.
The result is a mint that loads all programs but responds very poorly to mouse 
clicks - it can take seconds for the window gadgets to respond to a click.

  - compiling with GCC (2.3.3, 2.5.8) and mntlib46. The linker is the one from
utlbin38. The result is a mint that won't link, because of undefined symbols:
set_mmu and friends. What puzzles me is that I don't remember those routines
being standard OS calls, and while they don't seem to be defined anywhere in the
source, Pure and Lattice linked without problems.

  What gives? Please help me with tips on how to compile with any of these
three compilers.

Best regards,
   Matija Grabnar
"My name is Not Important. Not to friends. But you can call me mister Important"
     - Not J. Important
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