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GCC261/263 for Mint

To whom it may concern,

my name is Andreas Mueller and I am (was) studying at th RWTH-Aachen. 

My System is a FALCON 14Mb/65Mb TOS4.02 with 68881, + SCSI-HD + CD-ROM + 
I am using the 4.1 release of GEM.SYS together with MiNT (freemint 1.12.4)
under GEMINI (1.a distribution) and the MUPFEL-Shell. On the SYQUEST, I 
made a MINIX-partition (6.0 PL11), on which the whole GCC stuff resides.

*****What ?*****
Here are my problems:
I tried the new 2.6.3 distribution of Gcc (gcc-2.6.3-m68k-mint.tar), which
should fit to the above mentioned setup. Additionally, I installed the PL46
version of the Mintlibs (mint-gcc-m68k-lib46.tar). 
Why do I try this? I just wanted to start programming in C++.

First, I tried to compile freemint-1.12.4 itself with Gcc 2.6.3 (for 68020, 
OPTIONS -DONLY030 and -DMULTITOS, and it seemed to work, while the 
PureC-Compiler came out with errors, although there was a PureC-project-file
packed with the source.)
I installed this GCC-2.6.3 compiled mint-version, and it doesn't seem to be more 
unstable than previous versions. Then I tried the tests for C++. First of all,
I got a horrible time for the compilation-step (900 sec. for tbitset.cc), while 
the linking time was normal (a few seconds). All test-programs crashed with a 
BUS-ERROR. So one Question is:
Does anybody know this C++ - problem ?

Or another possibility:
Who has a System like mine (68030/68881 + 4.02) and a satisfying C++ version of Gcc ?
Which Gcc-version and which library versions (Sandard, Gem, Pml) should be used 
especially for 68020/68881 programs 
(There are so much different distributions)? Is Linux required ?? 

Thank you very much 

Andreas Mueller, Aachen, July the 10th, 1995