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Re:How to get a precise timestamp?

> You should use the _5ms_gettimeofday from the portlib. This is a
> function returning the UNIX time with a 5ms "granularity" (200Hz).
> It's possible to get more precision but you will have to make your
> own MFP timer functions.. not standard at all..

MiNTLib should be fixed ASAP. Finding out about this thing month ago
pissed me off to no limit because I hadn't earlier known why so many
unix programs I have tried compiled were unusably slow (and thus got
deleted after some head scratching)... 5ms resolution would be well

Juergen got now PC+BSD and I haven't heard about knarf for long time,
so who would fix this so that other people won't fall this? (and I
myself would rather use a working library than kludge fully functional
(others') programs too!)

	- Eero