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Re: How to get a precise timestamp?

> Are you saying that this *bug* is the reason for so many programs running so
> slow?

It wouldn't surprise me if it would. People porting stuff seldom check
whether it contains gettimeofday() timings (AFAIK most portable way todo
it), especially if they aren't even aware of this problem...

for example my compilation of XAnim on the sites is dog-slow because
(AFAIK, I don't have space for X nor XAnim sources anyumore) it uses
gettimeofday() for checking when the next animation frame should be
output. Thus all frames will take at least 2s...

> BTW I did not yet find the portlib mentioned above. Where can I find it? I
> retrieved a newer version of the mintlib (version46) and _5ms_gettimeofday
> is not in there.

It's on the ftp sites. You can also get it straight from Kay Roemer's
WWW page (MiNTNet...).

> Is a newer mint version than 1.09 necessar?

Nope, but I would still recommend on getting a newer version (1.12.x)
of MiNT. Your version doesn't have network support etc.

> So Juergen is not using his atari at all any more?

If I rememeber right, he uses it as mailserver for his other machine and
as a backup terminal or something like that... :)

	- Eero