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Re: Slip connection to Linux Box

>   I've been trying to set up a SLIP connection with someone in my house 
> who has a LINUX box, and I wondered if anyone could help me out.
>   I've got a 4MB STE setup with MiNT 1.12.5, MiNTnet 0.80 and quite a lot 
> of application software, grabbed from all over.
>   If I want to create a SLIP connection along a null modem cable to a 
> linux box, what steps do I need to take?
>   I've decided to call my machine and the Linux box  
> Therefore from reading the docs I figured that I needed to call the 
> following command in my rc.net:
> slattach -l -r -s 19200 -p cslip -t /dev/ttya &

Yes, that seems right.

>   Am I right in thinking that if my friend with a Linux box runs a 
> corresponding slattach command at his end that the communication will be 
> set up?  Or does one of the computers be set up as a server, and the 
> other a client.

I don't recall linux having slattach, but a simple DIP script will work

port xxxxx	# Where xxxxx is replaced with the name of the serial device.
speed 19200	# Obvious enough
get $local	# Set our IP address.
get $remote	# Set the other end.
default			# Make the route the default-route
mode CSLIP		# Fire up the interface.
# Script ends here.

That should create the necessary CSLIP interface at the linux end.

>   While I'm here I'd also like to ask about another problem I have.  I've 
> got inetd set up to call rlogind on an rlogin command and I also have the 
> telnet command set up, but when I try to login to myself by rlogin or 
> telnet I get a response similar to below:
> login:root
> Password:
> root login refused on this terminal
> I believe this happens on any terminal (including console) and with any 
> username.  Does anyone know what could be wrong...

Aha! Look in /etc/ttytab

root can only log in from terminals which are marked as 'secure'.
BUG: If you are refused login as root, on a non-console tty, then all
further logins on that tty will be refused. No sure where the bug lies. I
think it's in telnetd. But it could be somewhere in mintos.