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Re: Slip connection to Linux Box

I originally asked questions about:
(1)  Setting up serial connections to a Linux box
(2)  A weird problem with logging in as root from telnet/rlogin

Thanks to answers from a few people I've now got the connection working 
properly, all except a problem when transferring large chunks of data 
down the connection.

I have a feeling this is the infamous serial port bug, so I going to have 
a look at hsmodem.  Can anyone tell me the best options to configure 
hsmodem for an STE running MiNT??

As regards the second problem, people suggested that it was my 
/etc/ttytab that was at fault.  I looked into this, and I couldn't figure 
how I could change this to make the login work.

If I want to login in from a remote location, the connection will come 
from ttya.  I haven't got a "getty std.19200" running on ttya, as I'm 
running slattach.  My ttytab reads something like this for ttya:

ttya	/usr/sbin/getty std.19200	dialup		off secure

i.e.  The tty is turned off, as it would conflict with the slattach-type 
commands running at each end of the link.

How can I make a connection from ttya "secure" so that I can log on as root?

Thanks for the help...


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