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Re: Slip connection to Linux Box

> I originally asked questions about:
> (1)  Setting up serial connections to a Linux box
> (2)  A weird problem with logging in as root from telnet/rlogin
> Thanks to answers from a few people I've now got the connection working 
> properly, all except a problem when transferring large chunks of data 
> down the connection.
> I have a feeling this is the infamous serial port bug, so I going to have 

Heh. Yup. Sounds like you have the Infamous Serial Port Bug(tm). Except
it's not your ST. With only a very few exeptions, PC serial cards are
underpowered. Most of them operate at 10% of the rated power for the
official RS232(C) standard.

In practice, the following empirical results were obtained, with a variety
of PC/non-PC serial hardware.

Non-PC equipment connected with flat, unshielded ribbon in an
electrically/electronically noisy environment has a maximum error-free
cabling distance of 45 metres (1 metre is close to 1 yard, for those that
still use the imperial form of measurent) at speeds up to 115Kbps.

PC equipment in the same environment was limited to a distance of 12
inches with the same cable. Specially shielded cable was procured (A.S.C
number 7) which extended the peak distance to 8 metres.

(Then again, with a Stallion  8-port card, which gave virtually the same
performance as the non-pc equipment, less about 10%).