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MiNT, MacROM, Spectre GCR and Device Drivers for AppleTalk, HFS

Is it possible to make MiNT aware of whether the SpectreGCR or Spectre128
cartridge is connected on an Atari, this way it could utilize the LocalTalk
and HFS software to allow sharing and networking of Apple computers and
printers.  Does MacMiNT utilize the MacROM in anyway?  I know that it is
feasible to write MacOS applications with MacMiNT and you can script events
for MacOS using AppleScript.  Perhaps MacOS compatibilities could be
achieved by using MiNT and running MacOS on top of it on '030 and above TOS
compatible systems.  To be able to have MacOS running in a virtual console
under MiNT1.14 with VM would be an added benefit to running a TOS computer.
 Perhaps AppleTalk and HFS drivers will become a reality for TT and Falcon