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Re: MiNT-able Speech

To any of you programmers out there that have been anxiously been waiting
for informaiton on creating speech tools for DMA audio based Atari MiNT
systems, look no further.  You can find what you need here:


This is what it looks like:  

FTP directory /pub/comp.speech at svr-ftp.eng.cam.ac.uk


Welcome, archive user!  This is an experimental FTP server. If you
have any unusual problems, please report them via e-mail to
svr-ftp@eng.cam.ac.uk. If you do have problems, try using a dash (-)
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continuation messages that may be confusing your ftp client.

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Up to higher level directory

05/17/96 12:00AM             29 FAQ-complete
09/22/95 12:00AM            754 README
11/06/96 06:13AM      Directory analysis
11/01/96 09:56AM      Directory archive
05/01/96 12:00AM      Directory auditory
05/08/96 12:00AM      Directory coding
08/07/96 03:03PM      Directory data
08/07/96 03:50PM      Directory dictionaries
11/27/96 06:16AM      Directory info
09/24/96 12:36PM      Directory recognition
11/09/96 06:14AM      Directory simtel_sound
11/09/96 06:14AM      Directory simtel_voice
04/28/96 12:00AM      Directory synthesis
10/30/96 06:16AM      Directory tools

Perhaps now the Falcon can be used to assist in helping the optically
impaired to hear their e-mail and read documents, dialogue boxes and more
to them.  This is one of the areas that was deemed one of the Falcon's
strengths.    Kaye created the audio device driver for MiNT, why don't we
use it!

							Peter Ross