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Re: MiNT-able Speech

> From: Gerald Haese <ghaese@hgw.scn.de>
> To: MiNT-List <mint@atari.archive.umich.edu>
> Subject: Re: MiNT-able Speech
> Date: Tuesday, November 26, 1996 12:21 PM
> Hi!
> > Kaye created the audio device driver for MiNT, why don't we
> > use it!
> Is this divice able to emulate the DMA-Sound on the PSG of plain STs,
> "Petra" (from the Paula-Package)?
> Gerald

I don't believe that it works that way, but the system can tell if you have
DMA sound and then it installs itself.  I think that it would be better to
use the Yamaha chip set for sound synthesis and speech (basically, leaving
the Yamaha for the system to use), then DMA can be used by programs and the
user. I am sure that it can be used for speech because I heard a crude
demonstration years ago on a Timex 2068 which uses the same chip (AY 8912
origonally created by General Instruments, Yamaha uses a different model
number.  The Spectrum 128 also used the chip also some MSX computers). 
It's a pretty capable chip with it's three voices and noise generator.