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Geneva R5 and MiNT --Wow.

Those of you who read usenet probably know this already,  but...

On the basis of what I read on Usenet, I have just made some preliminary
testing of Geneva (release 5) and MiNT.  There are still a few minor things
to iron out so as to accomodate all of my preferences, but this is a huge
step forward for the MiNT/Geneva combination.  Boy, is it fast.   Gembench
rates the MiNT/Geneva/NVDI combo at over 500% of standard TT graphics speed
in Mono resolution (and that's on a 19 inch monitor).  What remains to be
seen, is how stable is it going to be in the longer run.  Geneva must be run
without memory protection.  Dan Wilga,  if you are reading this,  good work!
  It looks like Geneva is going to become my full-time Atari environment
from now on.  I would just respectfully suggest, as a future improvement,
making Geneva memory-protection friendly,  if that can be done. 

So far I have successfuly run Geneva from my CLI, and also as the login
shell for root in my mintos setup.  I realize using Geneva as root login
shell is not a really viable option   (I want to be able to log in as root
and get a CLI in, say,  a virtual console).  I'll create a geneva user with
root privileges.