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Re: MiNT-able Speech

> >> Kaye created the audio device driver for MiNT, why don't we
> >> use it!
> >Is this divice able to emulate the DMA-Sound on the PSG of plain STs, like
> >"Petra" (from the Paula-Package)?
> Yes, it will play digitised sound on STs and STEs.  I don't know if it
> works on Falcons too, but I suspect it will.

In case somebody's interested, I created a simple GEM app for playing
samples through it. It's sources should be somewhere on my WWW pages:

I also did a kind of a sample editor for W window system that uses Kay's
device, although that will be of use for less people (especially as I'm
not sure whether it works with latest W / W toolkit version...)).

	- Eero