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New GEM FTP client for MiNT-NET

Hi all,

aFTP is GEM FTP client running under MiNT-Net !

o AES 4.X, N.AES compatible
o D&D, VA_START, FONT Selector, ...
o URL as command line parameter
  (ie. from CAB 1.5)
o freeware (yet ;)
o by ATACK :)
o many more

You can get aFTP from ftp.cnam.fr, ftp.uni-kl
(pub/atari/incoming/aftp10b.lzh) or ftp.cs.tu-berlin.de
(pub/atari/MiNT/.../aftp10b.lzh). It is betaversion and have some bugs
(so I still looking for few betatesters).


   honza@szt.cdrail.cz - 2:423/33@fidonet.org - 90:1200/7@nest.ftn  
        Falcon030 in BigTower/FPU/FX-40 MHz/4MB ST+10MB FX RAM
IDE 1GB Seagate/SCSI 450MB Seagate/SCSI 135MB Syquest/ATAPI CD-ROM QS
                 running MiNT NET with LinuxPC via PPP