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Re: MiNT-Net+ Telnet

On Thu, 7 Nov 1996, Jo Even Skarstein wrote:

> A simple way to do this is to install the WWW-kit from TAF. Follow the
> instructions, set up the ppp-connection and telnet to your server.
> The you have to set the environment-variable DISPLAY like this:
>   setenv DISPLAY x.x.x.x:0:0

This part I know.  I'm just not sure what the limitations are as far as
memory goes.  With only 4MB, every piece of memory is valuable.  PPP 
connections are pretty easy.

> where x.x.x.x is the IP-address you got when you logged in. If you have a
> static adress it's even simpler, then you can set this variable in your
> login-script.

Uhh .. since I'm the sysadmin, getting the IP address should be pretty 
simple.  I'm going to just statically allocate myself one :-)

> Now you can start x-programs remotely, just as if you sat in front of a
> "real" x-terminal. Be sure that the remote server is allowed to use your
> display though! If you get an error complaining about this, use the
> xhost-command on your Atari:

Well, as real as a Linux box gets.  I really like Linux ALOT better than
SCO, more features, easier set-up, less memory needed, and seems to be
alot more stable.

>   xhost remote.server

This command I dont have.  Although I thought I had the whole TAF package.
I'll look again, maybe I just missed it.

I guess I'll need a local xterm running to launch the telnet session, or
would it be better to have the ppp script launch the X server using exec
to overlay the shell.  Of course, then the system reboots when you quit X,
since there is no init or anything, but it should use less RAM.

Maybe I should just rob a bank and buy a BeBox :-)